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I love these scriptures!!!! Verse 8 said not to put your trust in mere man (people in your circle of friends or influence) and if you are still thinking you can trust people we consider influential, royalties, dignitaries celebrities, “someone who knows someone”… Verse 9 reiterates that it is better to take refuge in God and trust only Him. The Lord will never fail!!! His Words never change!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Thank you for being a part of Get Inspired With Joyce. I thank God for all my listeners, followers on Facebook, Instagram and the website, your comments are encouraging and much appreciated…. please keep them coming 🙂
Remember to start this New Year with gratitude and thanksgiving to the Lord who has gifted you with another year. He was with you the entire 12 months of 2015 and has kept you. Going into this year and before asking God for more “blessings”, remember to give thanks for the things you already have and the ones He is yet to release at His appointed time. Have you really thanked Him for all He did before asking for more? Remember most of these things we do not deserve anyway but He still grants them. What a great God!!!!
You may have gone through a lot in 2015 and I probably do not know your story, but think about it this way, it could have been worse…. There is still at least a reason or reason(s) to thank God, thank God for your portion; the portion God has graciously awarded to you. The storm may have hit you violently last year but you were never moved. …I look forward to a greater 2016 by God’s grace as the Lord leads us in His direction with more inspiring, encouraging, God filled and Christ centered shows. Please keep dreaming, stay focused and remember we are all born with unique gifts and talents… The world is waiting for you to unleash them for His glory. Always put God first.
By the way, do you have your New Year resolution(s)? Or what are the things you want to improve on this year?

Would you like to share them 🙂